At the beginning of the semester I must admit that I have a lot of worries about the ‘CALL’ lesson. As it is our last year we have a lot of lessons and responsibilities to do, so at the beginning of the term, when I saw the tasks I thought that it will take too much time. I thought that it should be given earlier. The other reason that caused me to worry was my insufficient knowledge about technology.

When I saw the course outline first nearly all of the things was new for me. I thought that it will be hard to manage with these tasks, but I have learnt many new programs thanks to this course. As the time passed, I have learned many tools which will be useful for my life as a teacher, and I enjoyed so much while doing these tasks. Through this course I have learned many ways how to create an interesting classroom environment.

 In this changing and developing world we must learn these necessary tools and improve ourselves. This course helped us to improve ourselves about technology. I am happy with taking this course. It’s really needed for us as an English teacher in the future.

Thanks for everything teacher J



Week 12 – Weebly & Second life

It is the last lesson of the term. This week we talked about weebly and second life.

Weebly is a web page. We can create and publish a web page on this site.I didn’t create a web page before, but now we have a task. We will create a web page, and we will add and publish all the tasks we do throughout this term. I think it will be enjoyable.

The other subject we talked about is second life.Second Life is a 3D world where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit is built by people just like you. Everything is like a real. We can do lots of things. Even we can do a presentation there. All of them are surprising and enjoyable for me. I like them so much.

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Week 11 – Podcasting

This week we learned podcasts. I have learned that podcast is a digital media tool consisting audio, radio, video, pdf or ePub files. We can download them to our computer or portable devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players or laptops etc. We can use it on education. Students can follow lessons as podcasts. It has many advantages. We can watch or listen whenever we want. Also, we can listen or watch it again and again. Görsel

Week 10 – Storyjumper & Digitalstorytelling

This week I couldn’t attend the class. The topic was storyjumper and moviemaker. I have used moviemaker to create a story before, but storyjumper is new for me.It is too enjoyable to create a story and a book using these programs. I liked them too much. Such programs  makes the lesson more colourful and pay students’ attention to the lesson. It makes the lesson more efficient.

Really it’s too useful for learning.I want to use these programs in the future. 




Week 9 – Facebook & Twitter

Our subject was facebook and twitter. Already I have a facebbook account. It provides us communication, and share some files, videos or photos. I didn’t have a twitter account, but I have one now.

These social media tools are too useful in education. It provides both teachers and students a constant contact with each other whenever and wherever they want. It provides teachers to share their knowledge, some useful videos for their lessons…

Using these tools in education is very effective. I hope to use them in the future classes.

Week 8 ” WIZIQ”

The topic of this week was wiziq. Wiziq is a web based virtual classroom. It is too useful both for the teachers and the students, and It has many features. This web based virtual classroom is equipped with real-time collaboration tools like, live chat, audio and live video streams for up to 6 people, whiteboard, screen and content sharing.

It enables teachers and learners to connect live from anywhere. It offers real collaboration and communication with each other on the web. Also, it has a whiteboard, you can draw on it, and you can share ppt presentations, pdf, and videos. All of them are free to use.

It is really a useful program. The whiteboard tool keeps learners focused and interested, and it enhances interactivity.Görsel

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WEEK 7 ‘ Nicenet and Dokeos’

This week I couldn’t attend to the lesson. I learned from my friends that the topic of the lesson was ‘nicenet and dokeos’. I searched them a bit on the net that they are useful programmes both for the teachers and the students.

Via nicenet we can create a classroom and discuss on the issues with the students.Nicenet provides us with a new way to communicate with  students and enables the students to communicate and share their work and ideas with each other.  Also, it’s free to use, but there is a disadvantage of this programme. We can not share videos or files just we can share links.

The other programme is dokeos. I think it is more useful than nicenet.It provides students and teachers to work cooperatively. We can share videos and files there. We can share quizzes for the students. The teacher can select its features considering  needs of the students.

They are useful programmes for the teachers and students. I hope I will use them in the future with my future students.


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